The Life Game is an improvisational format unlike any other.

Invented by Keith Johnstone (creator of TheatreSports (c) and Maestro (c) and author of Impro), The Life Game is show where one guest is interviewed about their life and a team of improvisors bring the stories to life. We begin with childhood, formative experiences, successes and failures, triumphs and heartbreaks, all the way to “how would you like to die”.

We’ve been workshopping the format with Keith since 2009, have produced over 50 live theatrical Life Games, and are currently adapting the show for a half-hour CBC Radio program to launch in 2016.

Each show features one guest, could be someone of note or someone unknown, who is willing to share their life with our audience. It could even be you! They are interviewed by one of our talented hosts, and a director sets up scenes with the improvisors to highlight elements of the guests life. At times hilarious, at times deeply moving, The Life Game is a show that shows that everyone, however ordinary, has an extraordinary life to share.


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